4822 is a boutique agency that brings together online advertising experts. We combine competences in the field of media buying, analytics, strategy and creative design.

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Trust is the foundation. What does it mean in practice? You always know what you pay for. We always recommend working with the client’s advertising accounts and provide full access to source data.



The ability to adapt to a changing reality and new project conditions quickly is the key to success. That’s why we’re agile. We experiment, we analyze results, and react immediately.



Some people care, and some don’t. We all share the former attitude to work. If you also put your heart into your work, we’ll find some common ground.

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We work on all leading advertising networks, from Facebook, through Google, TikTok, and Pinterest, to Linkedin and Twitter. We deliver tangible, measurable results along with comprehensible business and strategic analyses based on online data.


We operate on the thin line between art and functionality, using all sorts of modern tech and innovative solutions, which always stand out through quality.

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Creative concepts, visual identities, and print. That’s what I like.

I use the most current digital technologies in my creative concepts and seek innovative artistic solutions based on human emotions.

I pay particular attention to the character of the projects I create, their distinct, expressive nature, and the interest they raise in anyone who comes into contact with them.

I create concepts, lead projects, and work closely with the client.

For many years I have been designing and developing creative concepts and making sure that you, the client, receive answers to any questions that may come to your mind in the process.

I specialize in designing graphical interfaces for mobile and desktop applications.

I combine a business perspective with the knowledge of the possibilities of today’s advertising.

For over a decade, I have been building digital performance marketing teams. Simultaneously I create and implement advanced solutions for marketing and analytics.

My superpower is the ability to combine the experience from creating and scaling my own business with tech competencies.

I create campaigns and lead projects, often in close contact with the client.

I’ve been creating and coordinating different activities using modern technologies, creativity, and analysis for over a decade to achieve particular communication and organization-related goals.

My specialty is the ability to simplify complex ideas and carry out bold ideas from start to success.

I’m a film director and political scientist.

I have been carrying out audiovisual projects for more than a decade - both commercially and as a form of art. I follow the motto of one Dolly Parton: “If you want to see the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

I try to do extraordinary things with cool people.

I create, implement and analyze the effects of paid digital campaigns.

Digital marketing has been my field of work for several years. Aside from optimizing online campaigns, I also coordinated some complex advertising activities.

The ability to combine analytical competencies with creative experience is my strength.

I develop creative concepts and design technological solutions.

I often use generative design to achieve unconventional visual solutions in my projects.

My specialties include new technologies and user interface design.

I coordinate the process of preparing and delivering online campaigns.

My first steps in digital included working on content. These days I work on the performance side. Implementing effective solutions gives me a lot of satisfaction.

My strengths? I know the difference between a company’s identity and its brand image. I know where to put a comma in a sentence.

I configure and optimize campaigns using online advertising networks.

My first experiences come from online recruiting. For several years, I was responsible for complex projects, including purchasing online ads and content marketing.

My strength is my persistence in improving results.