Data lies at the basis of every effective online campaign.

We help companies work with data at every level. Beginning with configuration of analytical tools on the website, setting up accounts on advertising networks, and ending with creation of interactive dashboards providing real-time reporting on complex campaigns.

It is surprising how often companies rid themselves of their most valuable assets in online marketing, including user data and advertising solutions tested in practice.

By entrusting agencies with managing their budgets, they give up their ability to build sustainable competitive advantage using the history of their advertising account and related assets and algorithms trained on their campaigns.

Reach, engagement, conversions, or revenues - you name it.

We carry out campaigns in all leading advertising networks. We support clients from the stage of defining their targets for digital campaigns through merging accounts and utilizing data to ongoing ad optimization.

Effective online campaign management requires a combination of curiosity and experience. Effective optimization procedures and the ability to set correct hypotheses regarding customer segmentation and motivation must support advertising networks' knowledge.

While carrying out campaigns, we test different solutions, and along with the results, we deliver analytical conclusions and strategy recommendations.

Success is the result of combining flexibility with a broad perspective.

We partner up with our clients and focus on generating growth. In our cooperation with online brands, we are responsible for revenues generated by paid traffic and providing recommendations based on data analysis. We often work based on a success fee model with flexible budget

Providing services to ecommerce businesses requires us to keep experimenting and meticulously optimizing the mechanisms which we implement. Rapid response to changing trends and constant search for new target audiences are both crucial.

While working with our clients, we do not just manage their media budgets. Conclusions drawn from analyses of the data we gather while optimizing our campaigns are translated into strategic recommendations.

There are times when anyone can lose a sense of direction.

We help companies and institutions create straightforward strategies. We always begin our cooperation with a clear statement of the goal to be achieved or the problem to be solved, and then we work together with the client to establish a flexible plan.

Every organization is subject to strategic entropy. Amid many issues and facing a constantly changing environment, we lose our sense of identity and orientation. We know those challenges.

Our response to these struggles does not come in the form of overcomplicated schedules, which can become invalid while being carried out, but rather flexible models based on clear priorities, set to iteration based on gathered information.